Saturday, 21 May 2011

Just because you can doesn't mean you should

I was happy walking around, minding my own business when all of a sudden I saw a tiny harry potter crossing tthe street. Ok, it was a kid around 5 yerars old pretending to be a wizard, no problen with that. Some blocks ahead I found what I thought was the beggining of the apocalipse, guys dressed like God-knows-who waiting in the line to enter whatseemed to be an anime convention.
I just couldn't stand it, the kid was ok, but seeing guys like 30 yers old dressed like Goku or something like that gave me the creeps! And then (yes, you guessed it) they remind me of a video because the looked exactly like this:


  1. it wouldn't bother me if a 30 year old was dressed as goku, to me that's showing your passion for something you like, I've seen an 80 year old dressed as Zorro, which I found really funny. Nice post ^_^

  2. ron jeremy = supermario haha

  3. >average age at Dutch Animecon 2011 was 22 years.

    Seriously, haters gonne hate. People should do what they feel like doing, what they enjoy doing. Who are you to judge them for that?

  4. aahahhahaah the song in the video is hilarious

    i find it almost sad when 30 year old people dresses like anime characters...

  5. @Fang: It's ok man, I'm just telling how I feel about that and giving my opinion, I'm not against conventions or cosplay at all, actually I like anime and manga but seeing that doesn't makes me feel comfortable. No Troll intended.

  6. lol that vid is great... and i agree that dressing like anime characters should stop at 29